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Christmas Dinner at Winsford

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The holiday season is here in Winsford, and people are looking for the perfect place to have their Christmas dinner. Some people want to eat traditional food, but others want to try something new and exciting. If you’re looking for an adventure, check out Bombay Lounge.

It’s a restaurant in the middle of Winsford that serves Indian food. They’re offering a special Christmas feast that combines traditional Christmas food with the spicy and flavorful tastes of Indian cuisine. Come with us and discover Bombay Lounge’s fantastic food this holiday season.


Step into Bombay Lounge, and you’re greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blends warmth and sophistication. The restaurant’s festive decor, adorned with twinkling lights and traditional Indian accents, sets the stage for a Christmas celebration unlike any other.

The inviting atmosphere creates the perfect backdrop for a memorable gathering with loved ones, where the spirit of the season is reflected in every corner.

The Christmas Menu

Best Indian food in Winsford

If you’re looking for a special place to have your Christmas dinner in Winsford, check out Bombay Lounge. They have amazing chefs who have created a menu that mixes traditional Christmas food with the delicious and spicy flavours of Indian food. It’s a great way to try something new and exciting this holiday season!


Kick off your festive feast with a tempting array of starters. The chicken tikka and vegetable pakoras offer a delightful prelude to the main event. If you don’t eat meat and want to try something yummy at Bombay Lounge, you should try the Paneer Tikka and Aloo Tikki. These dishes are made with simple ingredients, but the chefs at Bombay Lounge make them taste amazing!

Main Course:

At Bombay Lounge’s Christmas dinner, you can try some cool new dishes that mix traditional and exotic flavours. One of the main dishes is the Tandoori Turkey, made with special spices and cooked in a tandoor. It’s a tasty twist on the usual Christmas roast! You can eat it with biryani rice or try the chicken korma for a rich and yummy Indian dinner. If you don’t eat meat, don’t worry—Bombay Lounge has many vegetarian options too! You can try the Saag Paneer or Baingan Bharta, which are made with yummy ingredients and taste just as good as the meat dishes. Bombay Lounge wants to ensure everyone can enjoy a hearty and tasty meal, no matter what they like.

Effortless Reservations

At Bombay Lounge, securing a table for your special evening is a breeze. Our user-friendly online reservation system ensures that your dining plans are effortlessly organized.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a celebration with friends and family, our reservation process is designed to cater to your needs. Simply visit our website, choose your preferred date and time, and voila – your table awaits.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

For those who prefer the comfort of their homes without compromising on the culinary experience, Bombay Lounge offers a seamless online delivery service.

Indulge in the rich and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine without leaving the comfort of your couch. Our menu, crafted by skilled chefs, promises an array of dishes that tantalize your taste buds, from traditional classics to contemporary favorites.

Sides and Accompaniments

No Indian feast is complete without an array of sides and accompaniments. The Garlic Naan and Peshwari Naan, straight from the tandoor, provide the perfect vessel for sopping up the flavorful curries. You can make your meal with a cooling cucumber raita or a zesty mango chutney for an extra flavour.


Round off your Christmas dinner on a sweet note with Bombay Lounge’s decadent desserts. The Gulab Jamun and Mango Kulfi offer a delightful fusion of Indian and festive flavours, providing a fitting end to your culinary journey.

Contact Us

If you want to book a table, find out more, or begin your tasty curry journey, just reach out to Bombay Lounge. You can get in touch with us using different methods:

Phone: +44 1606 559966

Address: 183 Wharton Rd, Winsford, United Kingdom





Elevate your festive celebrations this Christmas with a culinary voyage that transcends the ordinary. Bombay Lounge in Winsford invites you to savour the magic of the season through a fusion of traditional Christmas delights and the rich, aromatic flavours of Indian cuisine.

The restaurant’s inviting ambience, expertly curated Christmas menu, and commitment to culinary excellence ensure that your Christmas dinner at Bombay Lounge will be a gastronomic journey to remember. Please reserve your table now and treat yourself to a Christmas feast that is as unique as it is delicious.

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