Bombay Lounge: Best Curry House Near Tarporley

Best Indian Takeaway in Winsford: Flavours of India

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Come and taste the best Indian takeaway in Winsford! Our delicious dishes will transport you straight to India. We serve delicious curries and flavor-filled unique biryanis. The Indian food at Bombay Lounge will work wonders on your taste buds. Don’t hesitate; come and savour it today!

Bombay Lounge: Best Indian Takeaway in Winsford

Have you heard about Bombay Lounge? It’s the best Indian takeaway in Winsford! People in the neighbourhood really love it because we provide authentic Indian food. We make all our delicious dishes in a clean kitchen.

At Bombay Lounge, we focus on making food that tastes great and is of high quality. Whether you live nearby or visiting, we want everyone to Come and try the fantastic flavours of Indian cuisine. So, if you’re hungry for some tasty Indian food, Bombay Lounge is the place to come!

Discovering the Menu

Best Indian Dining Near Knutsford

The menu at Bombay Lounge has lots of delicious options with various flavors. We combine traditional Indian recipes with modern cooking techniques to create tasty meals. Our menu includes tasty kebabs, flavorful biryanis, and options for vegetarians. Each dish shares a bit of India’s rich food history. Every taste of our speciality dishes is like a delicious adventure with vibrant flavours and fresh ingredients!

Online Ordering & Takeaways

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If you’re in a hurry or prefer to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home, our takeaway service is the perfect option. Place your order, and we’ll have your food hot and ready for collection.

And here’s isn’t the end! You may choose our online ordering system. Our online ordering process for Bombay Lounge is easy and convenient for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Just go to our website, check out the menu, and follow the on-screen instructions to place your order. You can savour the delicious taste of Bombay Lounge whenever you like.

Get in Touch

To book a table, learn more, or start your yummy food adventure, contact Bombay Lounge, the best Indian takeaway in Winsford. Contact us in different ways:

Phone: +44 1606 559966 

Address: 183 Wharton Rd, Winsford, United Kingdom




In summary, Bombay Lounge is the best Indian takeaway in Winsford. We really care about ensuring the Indian food we serve tastes like it should. We keep our kitchen very clean, and we have a menu with lots of different dishes for you to choose from.

Whether you live nearby or visit, we invite you to try our tasty Indian food. Our menu has lots of yummy options. We use old recipes and new tricks to ensure our food is amazing.

If you’re in a hurry, you can order your food to take away. It’s straightforward to do online on our website. So, you can enjoy our tasty food at home. Don’t miss out on trying Bombay Lounge’s delicious Indian food. Come and visit us today to taste the exciting flavours of India!

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